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3 super lists of super-powered superheroes


Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America… everyone knows those superheroes and has read about or seen their adventures. But what about Squirrel Girl, Equinox or even Iceman?

Here are a couple of lists that you can read where you just might find your next new favourite superhero!

1. Girl superheroes

Click here to read all about girl superheroes

5 awesome girl superheroes and their cool adventures

Sometimes it seems like a lot of superheroes are part of a boys-only club. Check out these amazing girl superheroes by clicking here.

2. LGBTQ superheroes

Click here to read about LGBTQ superheroes

10 awesome LGBTQ comic book superheroes

You can probably name a whole bunch of superheroes. But how many LGBTQ superheroes do you know? Check out a list of 10 by clicking here.

3. Canadian superheroes

Click here to read about Canadian superheroes

Shhh! Secretly Canadian superheroes

What's that in the sky — a Maple Leaf-clad superhero? Find out all about our Canadian superheroes by clicking here.