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3 reasons to be kinder to the Earth


It’s no secret that changes need to happen (soon!) to curb climate change. And we're all doing our part by trying to reduce our carbon footprint. 

In the spirit of caring for the Earth, we've rounded up a few things you may find interesting:

1. Something to do

Weather or climate quiz

Weather or climate quiz

When we think of Canadian seasons, we know what weather to expect. But as temperatures rise in some regions of the world, it affects their weather patterns and that is due to climate change.

Can you tell the difference between weather and climate? Take the quiz.

2. Something to read

List It graphic overlay on a mountain of garbage

How long does your trash last?

Unfortunately, when you throw something in the trash, it doesn’t just disappear. It ends up in a landfill in somebody’s neighbourhood. Do you know how long it takes for items to break down after they’ve been tossed? Read all about that now.

3. Something to play

Forest game

Forest game

Make your way through each level by matching three of the same shape to clear the screen before the timer runs out. Play now.