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3 really rad things about rabbits


Rabbits — they’ve got big ears, big teeth and big families!

Today we’re going to jump into all things rabbit, so we’ve put together something to watch, something to read and something to play.

1. Something to watch

Gary and David Suzuki learn about rabbits

Rabbits can be found hopping around in the gardens and fields munching on weeds, grasses, flowers and their own poop. Oh yes. Don’t believe it? Find out for yourself by watching this video above.

2. Something to read 

List It: A black and white bunny in a field of daisies

Weird and wonderful bunnies

Rabbits are fuzzy and cute, but did you know that their front teeth never stop growing? That explains why they’re constantly chewing! To find out more cool things about rabbits, hop on this post now.

3. Something to play

Super Jump Box game

Super Jump Box game

OK, what does this have to do with rabbits, you say. It doesn’t. But in the spirit of jumping, we’ve decided to include it. Play now.