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3 mysterious things that might turn you into a treasure hunter


Are you good at finding things? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find something really special — like a lost treasure? Maybe like the kind you see in pirate movies.

Mysterious tales of lost treasures aren't just in books and movies! We've uncovered 3 unsolved mysteries that might just turn you into a treasure hunter.

Unsolved Mystery #1

Click here to read about the Oak Island mystery

Is Captain Kidd's lost treasure buried in Nova Scotia?

Do you believe in legends? How about pirate treasure? See if you can figure out where it's buried by reading the legend over here.

Unsolved Mystery #2

Click here to read about the Skylight Art heist

The mystery of the skylight art heist

Just like in Mission Impossible, thieves lowered themselves by rope through a skylight into the  Montreal Museum of Fine Art and… well, you should just read the amazing story by clicking here.

Unsolved Mystery #3

Click here to play the Mysterious Artifacts game

Hidden Objects Mysterious Artifacts

Finally, your chance to be a treasure hunter! Billy the treasure hunter needs your help to uncover ancient artifacts! Play here.