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3 curious things that start with the letter C


C is just so curious! Creature, cartoon, clubhouse… there are so many fun words that start with the third letter of the alphabet.

We've gathered up some things for you to read, to do and to play that all start with the letter C.

1. Chimpanzees

Click here to read about chimpanzees

5 ways chimpanzees are more like us than you think!

Chimpanzees took a DNA test and it turns out that they share 99 per cent of the same DNA as humans! Find out what else we have in common with them by clicking here.

2. Chickens

Click here to take the chicken quiz

Test your chicken smarts with 10 quiz questions

Chickens are awesome animals — so amazing, in fact, that they have two special holidays! But how much do you really know about these feathered fowl? Take our quiz by clicking here.

3. Cat rolling

Click here to play Cat Rolling game

This kitty loves to roll!

Help the cat avoid obstacles and make it down the canopy of trees to the ground and exit the door in this tough game! Play here.