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3 amazing things that start with the letter A


A is absolutely amazing! Almond, appendix, antelope… there are so many fun words that start with the first letter of the alphabet.

We've gathered up some things for you to read, to do and to play that all start with the letter A.

1. Anteaters

Click here to learn about anteaters

Anteaters don't have teeth, so their tummies chew

Imagine if your tummy chewed your food. Pretty amazing, right? You can find out more about this amazing anteater fact and four others by clicking here.

2. Anagrams

Click here to take the anagram quiz

Do you know your anagrams, or words from rearranged letters?

How many words can you come up with by changing around the letters in the word EARTH? Heart and hater are two of them. See if you can come up with other anagrams by clicking here.

3. Air Hockey

Click here to play air hockey

Play classic air hockey

Play against your computer opponent on 3 levels of easy, medium and hard. First one to score 15 points wins! Play here.