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16 colouring pages for colouring book day


Image courtesy of Pixabay

Who enjoys a good colouring activity?

There is something exciting about beginning a brand new colouring sheet
— it's blank and colourless, there is nothing but lines —
and it's up to you to choose the colours to bring that page to life!

What is awesome about colouring is that there are no rules. You can choose crayons, or markers, your can add whatever colours you like, you can stay in the lines (or out). It is a fun, creative and relaxing hobby —  and even adults (yes, adults!) like to colour.

August 2 is National Colouring Book Day! This day celebrates colouring books and colouring book enthusiasts.

To honour this festivity, we’ve rounded up our favourite CBC Kids colouring sheets for your enjoyment.

Below are just five of the pages you from this 16-page colouring book (just click to print it out) so reach for your crayons! Oh — and maybe print an extra one for a parent to join in on the fun. Start colouring!

Studio K scribbles

This colouring page is for those that like attention to detail. There's microphones, rainbows and even flying shoes — it's truly a mixed bag of fun and imagination!!

Let's Dance And Sing colouring sheet.



Dot and her best dog-pal, Scratch, use her tablet to discover what life is like as a fish in the sea. 

Dot colouring sheet.



A portrait of the sweetest eight-year-old aardvark, Arthur, and his family. This final work of art needs to go up on the fridge next to your other family photos!

Arthur colouring sheet.


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This superstar rock puppy is all about reading and showing off sweet drum skills!

Bookaboo colouring sheet.


The Adventures of Napkin Man!

Napkin Man is a superhero that likes to help everyone understand their difficult feelings.

The Adventures of Napkin Man! colouring sheet

Want to colour some more? Check out our online colouring book!