Avril Lavigne song Girlfriend:

I soooooooooooooooooo love Avril lavigne songs but theres one song
I really really really like the song is Girlfirend!


Avril is good, I heard on a radio station that this song is #1 in Canada!

not my favorite song, but it's really popular

it is the best

The song is awesome

I love your song it's the best

Hey I like ur song it's really good ! I love ur songs Avril keep it up!

Not the greatest, more annoying and popular, but it is pretty catchy.

MY FAV. SINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The song girlfriend is the best sogn ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



girlfriend is the best and keep the work up

avril lavigne i love u and i've heard ur song girlfriend its mind blowing

i like your song it rocks and you are so cool i like all your songs acualy and ya thia is my comment super man out

I must admit, "Girlfriend" is horribly catchy. I think Avril has better songs (I'm With You comes to mind...) and I really don't know why this one got all the hype. (She recorded it in Japanese, French, Korean, any language really.)

i love the remix of girlfirend it is so funny i allso like the girlfirend song i love it .

AVRIL ROX THE HOUSE DOWN!!!!!!! She is totally canadian and totally AWSOME!!! Girlfriend was so well recorded!!! I luv her. im in her fan club!!

i love her music it is awesome rock on girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Avril!! But this song is horrible. She can't sing anymore and there are to many cuss words in it. I like her deeper music like Nobodys Home, Complicated, losing Grip,and I'm with you. The onlt new song I like from her is Keep Holdin' on. I don't know what's happend avril to your voice but I still like you.


ur so awsome avril i lovve you i wish i could meet you in real life hmm maybe it will happen u never know

but u know i really dont like this song ! lilmama is better sry

the girl that sings that song is hot

i luv avril on her CD's but she sucks live. I saw a video of her singing a song live and she has no voice. her voice didn't go anywhere cass she just never had one. even though she sucks live I still luv Girlfriend and the other songs on the CD ( also cass her best song is skater boi Losing grip and I'm with you are just ok)

At the teen choice awards i loved your song. I kept the tune in my head for 2 months! You rock!


i realy think skater boy is better because you didnt copy it of other bands and the song sucks

I'd say that her best song is still "I'm With You." It's so powerful and emotional. I also like "I'm Nobody's Fool", even though it's a rap.

I think Girlfriend is an AWESOME song but I think she could've used less swears. I think one of her best songs is Keep Holding on and Sk8er Boi. (and no I'm not crazy that's how "sk8er boi" is spelt. at least her song anyways. :) )


This song makes absouloutly no sense because AVRIL LAVINGE IS MARRIED. THe best d**** thing is sooooooooooooo much better

You're absoutuly right.

I absolutely luv this song! everyone at my scholl in Australia agree!

you rock i sooooooooooooooooooooooo love your music my fav is Girlfriend

i think that avril rocks i dont care what anybody else says bout her im still gonna love her songs.i loooooooooooooooooooooove girlfriend its on my phone and i pod!!!!

umm nice song but dont swear soo much and are you really married wow thats ummm nice weeelllllllllllll a nice song but dont be so repetative

avril absalutly rocks.luv her to pieces

I wasn't a big fan of avril but when I heard this song I became one.Avril rocks this world inside out!

I personally hate Avril. She ripped this song off of someone else. Avril came out with the song complicated. And as soon as I saw the vidio I hated her. She was giving off the image of being a punker, a skateboarder and trying to be different from all the other girl singers out there. But the song was just as punk as a country balled. I always thought she was a poser. Now I see her giving in to what people want she's making music that has no real meaning as long as it has a catchy tune so her tween and teen fanbase are kept happy. Also she is now wearing slutty clothes short-shorts and other reaveling clothes make me think she's more of a poser. I thought she wanted to be different at the begging, now she's doing the same things everyone else is.

she isnt kewl lol

OMG!!!!!!!!! AVRIL is soooooooooooooo kool!!!!!! i love her song girl friend, but i dont relly like the remix Lil Mamma rekked it!!!!!!!!!!!! but other than that AVRIL ROXSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love you

That song was wicked! I love Avril!

I LVOE that song!

I love when ur gone too!

i love the song girlfriend


Avril is the best xoxo

your songs are the best

i love you .

avril u ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i l.u.v ur music i always wear wrist bands JUST LIKE U u ROCK!!

avril is a good singer but i like contagios and girlfriend the best

i love it

nice song but complicated rocks


i love you so mach avril i hop i see you you are a verry good singr

avril lavigne is my........FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!her music rocks and the song i don't have to try and one of those girls "are so awsome!oh and there more songs"theres:the best dawm thing,hot,innocence,he wasn't and more!thats the thing that i like about avril lavigne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my cousin's are big fans of Avril.

Girlfriend was o.k but i liked innocence

i love that song too and i love sk8ter boi and i think that Avril Lavigene is very,very,very cool!!!!

I think that Avirl Lavigene is.The best singer in the hole wide world.Girlfreind is the most coolest song ever writen should be the most popular singer becase.She is my romdle she inspiers me to follow my dreams.

ilove your song and ilove girl frind

I have seen some Live-Videos by her and she can sing. She is now way better than in the past.


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