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Food History

Could you eat like kids did during the war?

Published on September 06, 2022 | Last Updated October 18, 2022
Black and white photo of a young girl eating Canadian brown bread and sugar rations.
Janine Vilain of Dunkirk and other children enjoying Canadian brown bread and sugar rations, 1944. (Lieut. H. Gordon Aikman / Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-174417)

There are so many things we learn about on Remembrance Day. We remember the sacrifice made by the soldiers who fought, and about poppies and what they represent.

But have you ever heard about food rationing? Families and kids had to save food that became hard to get during the war. This way, all Canadians would get a fair share.

Can you imagine not being able to eat all your favourite foods when you want to?

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