6 amazing animals native to China

A read panda sitting in a tree eating a leaf.
A red panda. (Bobby Yip/Reuters)

China has many ecosystems. From snowy mountains to hot rainforests. Check out these amazing animals that call China home!

The golden snub-nosed monkey

A golden snub-nosed monkey holding its baby

You couldn’t find a better name for this monkey! It has golden-coloured fur and a very tiny nose. 

The golden snub-nosed monkey can be found high up in the trees in mountain forests. They’re very social animals and love to party! 

That’s because golden snub-nosed monkeys gather in large groups. Sometimes there can be up to 600 of them playing in the trees!

The red panda

A red panda smelling a flower

(Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

The national animal in China is the giant panda. But did you know that there’s also a red panda? 

These cute creatures live in the Himalayan Mountains of Southwestern China and other high mountains. They spend most of their time in the trees. 

They use their long bushy tails for balance while climbing. They also curl up with it for the winter. 

Red pandas aren’t closely related to giant pandas at all. But they do have one thing in common… They love to eat bamboo!

The golden pheasant

A golden pheasant walking in the forest

(Vanderlei Almeida/Getty Images)

In Chinese culture, the golden pheasant is believed to be an ancestor of the mythical phoenix! It's also called a fenghuang (say "fung-wha"). 

We can see why people would think that. Golden pheasants are impressive birds! But believe it or not, they’re most closely related to turkeys and chickens!

Chinese giant salamander

A giant salamander in a tank of water

(Wikimedia/Petr Hamerník/CC BY SA)

We talked about the giant panda, now let's talk about the giant salamander! It is big. Really big! These amazing amphibians can weigh up to 50 kilograms! 

They’re fully aquatic, meaning they live in the fresh water rivers of China. The giant salamander is also famous for the noise it makes. It can sound like a crying baby!

Père David’s deer

a bunch of deer in the tall grass

(China Photos/Getty Images)

This deer species lives in the swamps and marshlands of China. It has wide hooves with webbing to help them swim! 

I bet you’re wondering, who is Père David? He was a French zoologist and priest who wrote about the deer! 

In China, they also call this animal sibu-xiang (say "see-boo-she-ung") which means “four ways of being unalike.” That’s because it looks like it has the hooves of a cow, a neck like a camel, tail of a donkey and antlers of a deer! 

The finless porpoise

A finless porpoise sticking its head out of the water

(Johannes Eisele/Getty Images)

The Yangtze River (say "yang-zee") in China is the longest river in Asia! It’s also home to a rare freshwater dolphin. Meet the finless porpoise! 

They’re the only dolphin in the porpoise family without a dorsal fin. They’re also famous for their cute smiles. Think about the finless porpoise next time you get your school picture taken!

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