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A Helping Hand

NOTE: This is not available for mobile play. Best played on desktop or iPad.

It’s a very busy time at the Furchester Hotel. Help out at the hotel and earn Fuzzawubba stars by doing chores:

  • Move the mouse for Cookie Monster to catch the cookies.
  • Help Big Bird find the missing items.
  • Help in the garden by clicking to change the shape of the bushes.
  • Help the Count count his bats by clicking on them.
  • Help Elmo sort the fruit salad by clicking on the fruit to put it in the bowl.
  • Help serve drinks from the tangled drinks machine.
  • Click to drop the cakes and stack them as high as you can!
  • Use your mouse to aim and click to put the ice cream into the cone.
  • Serve the guests by clicking on the food that they would like.

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