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Your Orange Shirt Day submissions

Published on September 13, 2023 | Last Updated September 27, 2023
Your thoughts about orange shirt day

September 30th, 2023 is the 10th anniversary of Orange Shirt Day. For this occasion, we asked kids across the country to tell us why Orange Shirt Day is important to them, and how you might honour it.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts with us. Here are some of the wonderful answers you sent in!


This is a great way to honour those put in residential schools because that is not how people should be treated. Thank you Phyllis Webstad. This day should be every day because we honour those children. —Gabriella, 8


the submission from gabriella, age 8, listed above


It's a day to learn from the big mistake we made in the past, and to not do it again. —Savitri, 9


I hope the world is more peaceful. —Lucy, 8


the submission from lucy, age 8, listed above


For me, I believe that Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity to treat everybody with kindness and to stand up to racism and inequality. A message to the world: Treat People with Kindness! I believe it’s one of the most true things in life — everybody here should be accepted and respected. Orange Shirt Day is a day to commit to making small acts of kindness around the world — like the reference to the Harry Styles song. —Avery, 11 & Kinney, 10


I already shared something, but then I went and asked my relatives about residential schools. It was cool to hear their stories and bond with them. —Denali, 10


Children were taken from their family. They took away their clothes, changed their names and language. Many died. We remember them with love and sadness. —Frank, 12


the submission from frank, age 12, listed above

Orange Shirt Day is a day where we recognize the Indigenous people who lived here before us. We also recognize the injustice done to the Indigenous people. On this day we will try to make a change and stop this unfairness. —Keshav, 11


It is a day to remember those who we have lost and to reconcile our mistakes. —Rachel, 14


I think that Orange Shirt Day is the best day ever. I wish it was never like sending kids to schools like that. They got taken away. My mom's grandpa was in one of those schools when he was young. They never let him talk in his language or dress in his cultural clothes. That's not fair to them. That was wrong. —Valentina, 6


the submission from valentina, age 6, listed above

Orange Shirt Day is important to me because it honours school survivors. —Karsyn, 11


It is a day to recognize the children who were lost in residential schools and the survivors. —Amelia, 9


the submission from amelia, age 9, listed above

I think it's a very important day that should be talked about and honoured more. —Noah, 13

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