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Gross candy

Would you try these gross jelly beans?

Published on April 23, 2019 | Last Updated June 17, 2022
Jelly beans

Remember when jelly beans were reliably delicious? No matter what flavour you tried, you knew you were getting a mouthwatering treat. But with countless pranksters turning to jelly beans for practical joke opportunities, you never know if you’re getting the real deal or some kind of disgusting imposter jelly bean.

With that in mind, here are nine (real!) wild, wacky, and just plain gross flavours you should definitely “chews” to avoid.

Canned dog food

An open can with a pull-back lid.


If you have a dog, there’s a good chance you know what canned dog food smells like. But do you know what it tastes like? We didn’t think so — and there’s no reason to find out!

Spoiled milk

Milk being poured into a glass.


There’s no use crying over spoiled milk — unless you’re talking about the jelly bean flavour. Let’s face it, nothing good comes out of jelly beans that look like they belong in the dairy section. Other revolting options include moldy cheese and rotten egg.


A bottle of extreme hot sauce.

Clearly labeled for everyone to see, this isn’t even a prank flavour. That’s right, some people actually like their jelly beans spicy. But take it from us: Tabasco and candy is not a match made in jelly bean heaven.

Stinky Socks

Socks hanging from clothes pins.


For everyone who has been tempted to chew their sweaty old socks, these are the jelly beans of your dreams. All zero of you!

Dead fish

Silver fish at the market.


Unless you’re doing something terribly wrong, every fish you eat is dead. But there’s more to this fish flavour than the dead part. We’re talking slimy, rotten creatures that have no business going anywhere near your dinner table — in jelly bean form!


A pink worm on wet stones.


We have no idea what earthworms taste like, but it can’t be good. Before you go sampling the real thing, why not ease into it with this Harry Potter jelly bean? Then again, some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Skunk spray

A close up of a skunk among the fallen leaves.


There are few things less appetizing than skunk spray. Notoriously difficult to get rid of, this stink will live on in your memory for months, even years. Unfortunately, the same is true of these smelly snacks. They may look like black licorice jelly beans, but they taste like a mouthful of skunk.


A close-up of an ear.


Did you know that earwax is actually a mouth-watering delicacy? Neither did we. You don’t have to sample this little-known food group to understand what’s wrong with these jelly beans. But a free sample is always within reach.


A toilet - with little eyes poking out of the toilet lid.

(Photo by brett jordan licensed CC BY 2.0)

If you look hard enough, you can find someone who likes every flavour of jelly bean — except this one. You don’t eat barf, simple as that. So how do you avoid the wrath of this gag-inducing “treat”? Be very careful the next time someone offers you a peach jelly bean. (They look exactly alike.)

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