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There are different types of families

Published on April 25, 2022 | Last Updated June 20, 2022
a mixed family with kids, parents and grandparents
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Not all families look the same. They can come in many shapes and sizes.

Let’s take a look at what it means to be a family!

What does "family" mean?

a traditional family of mother, father, daughter and son

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A family is a group of people who protect and take care of each other.

That can be anyone who lives with you. It can also be who you love and care about, and who loves and cares about you too.

Families with parents

two moms paint with their daughter

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A family can have two parents: a mom and dad or maybe two moms or two dads. A family can also only have one mom or dad or two parents who live in different homes. Maybe you live with one parent but spend weekends with the other.

Families with grandparents

grandparents outside with their two grandchildren

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Not all families have a mom and dad. Sometimes grandmothers and grandfathers can be the caregivers.

Adopted families

a father teaches his son how to shave

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Not all families have to be related. There can be a lot of reasons that a birth parent can't raise their child. They find another family to adopt, raise and love them. And they become their forever family.

Really big families

a large Asian family gathers for their grandfather's birthday

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Some families are really big with lots of kids. Do you have a lot of brothers and sisters or are you the only child in your family?

Close friends are family

a boy and a girl wearing sunglasses hang out in a car

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Family members don't always have to live with you or even be related to you. They can be close friends of your family and may have known you your whole life. They might also be a part of your family.

Pets are family too

a little girl holds her cat

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Don’t forget about pets, they are members of the family too! See, families can look very different but they are all still families.

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