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Strict Halloween Laws

7 super strict Halloween laws from around the world

Published on October 17, 2018 | Last Updated September 06, 2022
A group of kids dressed up in different Halloween costumes

There are basic rules that every kid should follow when they go out trick-or-treating for Halloween. Things like walking door to door with a buddy.  Or not criss-crossing the street. Or making sure you are wearing something reflective. And especially not to eat any candy before it's been checked by an adult.

But some places have even MORE rules, including some you wouldn't expect. Let's have a look at some Halloween rules from around the world. Then you can decide if you agree with them or not.

No wearing a mask in public

Child wears batman costume on Halloween.


In Walnut Creek, California, USA, you actually need a permit to wear a mask on Halloween. They created this law to try to prevent people from causing trouble. Wonder if it works (or if anyone actually enforces it)?

No wearing sunglasses or a hood

a boy wearing a pair of yellow sunglasses

In Dublin, Georgia, USA, not only are you not allowed to wear a mask on Halloween if you are older than 16. You also can’t wear sunglasses, a hood or anything else that might cover your face out in public. You can dress up in your own home, though.

No trick-or-treating after 8 p.m.

clock face


In Bathurst, NB, you can be fined for trick-or-treating after 8 p.m. You can blame some particularly rowdy teenagers for this rule, which came into effect after they were being loud late at night. How late do you like to stay out on Halloween?

No trick-or-treating on Sundays

Two girls in costumes about to go trick or treating

In Reheboth Beach, Delaware, USA, trick-or-treating is illegal on Sundays. Other cities have this rule as well, because they don’t want Halloween to disrupt people who celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday (a religious day of rest). If Halloween falls on a Sunday, kids are expected to go out on Saturday night.

No silly string

A car completely covered in colourful silly string

In Hollywood, California, USA, people are not allowed to use silly string between midnight on Halloween to noon the next day. City leaders came up with this rule after a few Halloweens where things got out of control. Can you imagine cleaning silly string up from your whole neighbourhood?

No trick-or-treating after grade 8

A group of teenage girls dressed up for Halloween

In Belleville, Missouri, USA, the mayor of the town passed a law saying that kids past Grade 8 can't go trick-or-treating. He did it because he felt that Halloween should only be for little kids. Seems reasonable enough. Unless you are a very tiny 9th grader who really really REALLY wants candy.

No clowns

Sad clown

In 2014, the town of Vendargues, France, banned dressing up as a clown for Halloween for anyone aged 13 and older. This happened because some individuals were dressing up as scary clowns and trying to frighten people. And not even on Halloween! Way to ruin everyone’s fun.

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