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Sea Monkeys

5 places you should take your sea monkey

Published on May 06, 2022 | Last Updated June 02, 2022
A person carrying and holding their pet sea monkey in a fish bowl

Have you ever heard of sea monkeys? (Hint: They’re not actually monkeys!) They’re tiny shrimp that have been popular pets for over 50 years.

Sea monkeys begin their life inside an egg. When the egg is placed in water, a sea monkey hatches in about a day. And just like that… instant pet!

There's even a National Sea Monkey Day in May. To celebrate, we’d say every sea monkey deserves a day out. So where should you take your pet sea monkey? Here are some suggestions!

1. To the park

Kids with a pet sea monkey playing on monkey bars in the park

A sea monkey on the monkey bars? Try telling us that doesn’t make perfect sense. Just don't forget to take your sea monkey down afterwards.

2. To the movies

A kid buying two tickets to the movies, with their pet sea monkey behind them in a wagon

And let your sea monkey pick which film you’ll watch, as well as the snacks. OK, maybe not the snacks… Unless you like algae flavoured popcorn.

3.  To the aquarium

A boy visiting the aquarium with a pet sea monkey, they're looking at a display of other sea monkeys

So your sea monkey can catch up with some of its distant underwater relatives.

4. On a roller-coaster

A sea monkey looking excited while riding a rollercoaster

After a lifetime underwater, your sea monkey might enjoy soaring through the sky for a moment or two! Wheeeeeee!

5. For a bike ride

A bike with two seats, one person is peddling hard while the sea monkey rests on the other seat

Because who doesn’t love a bike ride? Especially when you don’t have to do any of the pedalling!

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