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5 colouring books that will keep you busy all summer!

Published on July 12, 2022 | Last Updated July 29, 2022
Colour markers and a drawing of buildings all coloured in.

Who doesn't love to colour! Inside the lines, outside the lines… there really are no rules to being creative. Just grab your favourite coloured pencils, markers or crayons and get artsy. 

So put away your laptop or video game and check out our list of fun colouring books. Go ahead, we'll wait…

Let's Make Some Great Art 

book coverBy Marion Deuchars
Best for: 8+

Be inspired by great artists and discover what art can be and how it can be made. Draw, paint, spray, splash, doodle, shade, sketch, cut, tear or stick — it's your choice! Packed with ideas to get you started. Complete Mona Lisa's smile, design your own bag or even create your own gallery of pictures.

Egyptology: The Coloring Book

book coverBy Emily Sands, illustrated by various
Best for: 9+

Explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt that have been hidden for thousands of years. Grab your coloured pencils and bring extraordinary treasures to life. Colour hieroglyphs, pyramids, mummy masks and artifacts like the ones found in King Tut's tomb! But don't worry, there's no curse on these treasures… or is there?

The Great Big Art History Colouring Book

book coverBy Annabelle Von Sperber
Best for: 8+

Ever wanted to step inside Leonardo da Vinci's workshop and paint the Mona Lisa? Or maybe you've wanted to see the art from the temples of Egypt! Learn how art has been created through time while you colour drawings from different art personalities and movements.

Find Your Rainbow 

book coverBy Jenipher Lyn
Best for: 8+ 

It's a colouring guide and activity book! With chapters like "Dream Big," "Believe in Yourself" and "A Friend Gives You The Freedom To Be You!" there are lots of positive and colourful ways to find your rainbow. Life may not always be easy, but it's important to remember that the world needs someone just like you!

Pierre the Maze Detective: The Great Coloring Adventure

book coverBy IC4DESIGN and Hiro Kamigaki
Best for: 6+ 

It's a colouring adventure! There are all sorts of mazes to choose from. Help catch the pirate in his aeroplane. Or reunite a lost puppy with his owner. Or help a werewolf find his lunch. Once you finish each maze you can colour in the scene.

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