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Indigenous Games

4 incredible Indigenous games to try

Published on June 02, 2022 | Last Updated June 13, 2022
A scene from Never Alone, with lead character Nuna and her arctic fox.
A screenshot from the game Never Alone. (E-Line Media/Upper One Games)

Do you love adventures? Do you love exploring new places? And do you love video games?

Are you nodding "yes" to these questions? You are? Then we have some amazing Indigenous games for you to check out! Let's take a closer look!

1. Never Alone — Kisima Ingitchuna (I am not alone)

Nuna and her fox from Never Alone, inside a dark and frosty ice cave

Nuna and her fox exploring the tundra in the game Never Alone. (E-Line Media/Upper One Games)

Recommended ages: 9+ up
Available on: Windows PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, iOS & Android 
Single player or 2 player co-op

What's cool about it?

This beautiful game is drawn from a traditional story of the Inupiat. In it you meet and play as Nuna. She’s a young Iñupiat girl with an arctic fox. Together, they journey through the frozen tundra to save her village. Along the way, you will help Nuna solve puzzles. All while she travels through an eternal blizzard. The best part? You can play solo or in co-op mode with your parents or friends. 

2. Terra Nova

A screenshot of Terra Nova, on one side is Terra on Earth, on the other Nova is seen in space

A screengrab of Terra Nova, a game about first contact created by an Indigenous-led team based in Montreal. (Submitted by Maize Longboat)

Available on: Windows PC, Mac
Single player or 2 player co-op

What's cool about it?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to meet an alien? Meet Terra, an Earth-born Elder and Nova, who is a young inventor. As Nova, you'll navigate through a strange alien world to reunite with your people. As Terra, you will explore a beautiful landscape. And even investigate an alien crash site. Terra and Nova interact with various characters as they uncover mysteries of the past.

3. Maskosis Goes to School

A screenshot of Maskosis goes to school, showing the lead character's friends and family

In Maskosis Goes to School, you'll have a chance to learn the Cree language. (Samson Cree Nation)

Recommended ages: ages 4+
Available on: iOS, Android

What's cool about it?

Spend the day with eight-year-old Maskosis as he makes his journey to school. Along the way, you will meet his family, who are from the Samson Cree Nation. You will get to explore his home and learn his native Cree language. Maskosis might even take you to one of his nation's powwow celebrations! 

4. L’il Glooscap’s Ball Bounce

Screenshots of little gloosclap's ball bounce, showing various levels in the game

L'il Gloosclap's Ball Bounce takes you on a tour through Turtle Island. (Ni'gweg Collective)

Recommended ages: ages 4+
Available on: iOS, Android 

What's cool about it?

L’il Glooscap invites you on an amazing adventure through Turtle Island. While using a magical leaf, help him bounce a ball to collect magic orbs. Then power up and move to the next level. Together, you will discover the Legends of Turtle Island! 


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