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10 awesome LGBTQ comic book superheroes

Published on April 14, 2022 | Last Updated May 24, 2022
Anissa Pierce as the superhero Thunder.
© DC Comics

You can probably name a whole bunch of superheroes. They try to make the world a better place by fighting bad guys and saving people in trouble. But sometimes, their superpower lies in inspiring everyday people to be brave! Here are 10 LGBTQ comic book superheroes!

America Chavez

America Chavez from America by Marvel© Marvel

Raised by two moms in a parallel world, America Chavez is a super-strong Latinx hero who can kick holes in the walls of reality!

She fought alongside other LGBTQ teen heroes like Prodigy, Wiccan and Hulkling in the Young Avengers. Now she's part of the West Coast Avengers! America makes her big-screen debut in Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.


Iceman on cover of Marvel comic book© Marvel

Bobby Drake is one of the original X-Men. He has the incredible power to turn his body to ice and create ice walls and slides.

He’s been fighting bullies since the 1960s. But he only recently found the courage to come out!


The Legend of Korra by Dark Horse Comics© Dark Horse Comics

Korra is an element-bending hero from the animated world of Avatar.

She has continued her adventures in a series of amazing comics. In them, she confesses her love to her brilliant engineer girlfriend, Asami!


Batwoman Detective Comics© DC Comics

When Batman disappeared from Gotham, his cousin Kate replaced him as the city’s new vigilante: Batwoman!

She protects the innocent from some of Gotham’s scariest and weirdest villains. She proves she’s every bit as tough and smart as the Caped Crusader.


Loki, Marvel Comics© Marvel

Thor’s tricky sibling Loki is what’s known as an antihero.

Loki has a villainous streak. But he has tried to be one of the heroes more than once. In the comics, the magical mischief-maker is sometimes a man and sometimes a woman.


Aqualad, DC Comics© DC Comics

Jackson Hyde is the son of the supervillain Black Manta.

But as a friend of Aquaman and a member of the Teen Titans, he’s come out of his shell to use his awesome water-controlling powers to save the day!

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, DC Comics© DC Comics

Harley Quinn’s another character who doesn’t always fight for what’s right. But sometimes does the right thing anyway!

She used to team up with Batman’s arch-enemy the Joker to commit crimes. But her glamorous girlfriend, Poison Ivy, has her putting her chaotic energy to better use!

The Equalizer

Kevin Keller, Archie Comics© Archie Comics

Archie Andrews and his Riverdale pals all have superheroic alter egos that sometimes appear in the comics.

That includes Archie’s friend Kevin Keller, the good-natured gay teenager who adopted the superhero name “The Equalizer”!


Thunder, DC Comics© DC Comics

Anissa Pierce is the eldest daughter of the superhero Black Lightning.

She has the power to make her body super-dense. It gives her great strength and resistance to harm, making her almost impossible to move. She can generate thunderous shockwaves with a stomp of her feet!


Lena Oxton, Tracer, Blizzard Entertainment/Dark Horse Comics© Blizzard Entertainment/Dark Horse Comics

Former British Overwatch agent Lena Oxton blinks through space and jumps through time as the carefree costumed adventurer Tracer.

She got her start in a video game. But it’s the comics that introduced her relationship with her girlfriend, Emily.

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