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Reuben Bullock meets Florence and the Machine

This week on the Key of A, Reuben Bullock tells the story of how he hooked up with Luv Luv Luv Records in the UK -- best known for the band Florence and the Machine. You'll hear that story, and the first single to come out of that new partnership as Reuben and the Dark get ready to bring that new sound back to Alberta on tour next month.

Two young Albertans are competing for the same Canadian Folk Music Award; Rebecca Lappa and Lucas Chaisson are both nominated as Young Performer of the Year. You'll have the chance to hear them back to back. (Those awards get handed out mid-November in St John, NB.)
Plus, Tegan and Sara are getting what's been described as a 'sonic makeover' for their upcoming album, Heartthrob, due on in January. You'll get a preview, with the first single, Closer
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