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Mid-year Review!

Here it is the middle of July -- 2011 is half over! So this week on the Key of A, we're going to do a little review; look back over the first 6 months of this year and take stock of some of the best music that's come out of Alberta since January.
If you've been listening to the Key of A you'll probably recognize some of these names: Samantha Savage Smith, 100 mile house, Matt Masters, Chad VanGaalen, Fast Romantics, Amy Thiessen...
But for this first-half-of-the-year roundup, we've also discovered a couple of new albums that managed to slip by our radar when they first came out -- by people like Lauren Busheikin, who's originally from Calgary and now making music in Edmonton with quite a lot of success.
And Lorna Maclachlan -- a jazz pianist and composer who also sings on her most recent album and it's great to hear her voice.
So... Saturday on the Key of A, you've got jazz, folk, roots, country, singer-songwriters and rock bands to look forward to... all with excellent contenders for best-of lists for 2011.
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