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Anne Loree, Amy Thiessen, Kris Ellestad Plus Dojo Workhorse

This week we'll sample three new albums by Calgary songwriters:

Amy Thiessen turns her spiritual inclinations (she's an excellent yoga teacher who's travelled to India several times) to folk and soul in her debut full-length Give Up the Fight; Kris Ellestad is a clever and original songwriter with the voice of an angel on his 15-song cd, No Man is Land; and AnneLoree -- still living under the golden rainbow of having written Jann Arden's hit "Insensitive," which earned her enough cash to pay off her student loans and buy a house -- has recorded and produced a new album of her own original songs, Big Words.
Plus, a live set by Dojo Workhorse, the band that lets Dan Vacon of The Dudes, show off his softer side. Here's a sample -- tune in for more, Saturday at 5, across Alberta on CBC Radio 1.

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