Episode 7: Influenza vaccines: Meet the BC team that tracks the flu shot’s effectiveness - Keeping Canada Safe - CBC-TV

In Canada, we administer 10-12 million doses of the Influenza vaccine each year. This team lets us know well it worked. Dr. Danuta Skowronski and her team at the BC Centre for Disease Control lead a network of partners in Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, that are at the cutting edge in the fight against the influenza virus. "There is no other vaccine-preventable vaccine like the influenza, where the virus is constantly mutating," says Dr. Skowronski.

Canada's annual flu season claims the lives of thousands of Canadians. Dr. Skowronski's team uses gene sequencing to better understand how this ever-changing virus mutates, and has developed a protocol to monitor the effectiveness of the annual flu vaccine. 

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