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Director’s thoughts: Kahnawà:ke Peacekeepers
Director’s thoughts: Kahnawà:ke Peacekeepers

The experience of being embedded with a First Nations police service for nearly 48 hours was one of the greatest honours of my career.

The Kahnawà:ke Peacekeepers serve and protect a community known across Canada for its involvement in the Oka crisis in 1990.

Courage and autonomy are central tenets for the people of this land. For the Peacekeepers, having full jurisdiction over their territory, and policing their own, requires uncommon agility and conviction. To be a first-hand witness to it was a privilege.

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Nathalie Bibeau, Director

Nathalie Bibeau is a documentarian. She has worked as a director and a producer of a number of international award-winning productions including CBC’s Canada: A People’s History and 8th Fire. She has travelled extensively and did a volunteer stint with War Child in Ethiopia. Nathalie holds a B.A. from McGill University and an M.A. in Russian History from the University of Toronto.

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