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Director’s thoughts: Calgary Police - Forensic Firearms Lab
Director’s thoughts: Calgary Police - Forensic Firearms Lab

The night before we were scheduled to record, a deadly sawed-off shotgun was found discarded on a Calgary street. This was a highly suspicious and extremely dangerous event. The homicide detective we were assigned to, Mike Shute, was eager to process it to determine if it was involved in a shotgun homicide case from two weeks earlier.

The sawed-off shotgun was a real clue in a genuine mystery happening right in front of us, and we followed it!

From the evidence lockup to the firearms forensic lab, to the state-of-the-art gun range where trained technicians prepped and fired the ugly little gun, to the high-tech lab that analyzed the shot pattern and casings and then placed the gun’s newly minted DNA on the Integrated Ballistics Identification System, we tracked the story like bloodhounds on a scent.

It was fascinating.

For us, the Force Four TV crew, it was incredible to witness, first-hand, the personal commitment, dogged professionalism, and high-tech artistry involved in today’s homicide investigations. Until you’re standing behind the detective in charge of the case, you have no idea what it takes and what investigators can do to track a murderer.

After spending a detail-packed day with Mike and his forensic teams, our personal take-away was that, if you’re thinking of committing any type of crime, these guys will track you, find you, and bring you to justice. They have the gear, the determination, and the personal expertise to bring you down. They are well-equipped and scary good.

As for our story, did detective Mike Shute secure a match? Was the discarded shotgun used in his two-week-old homicide?

Tune in to find out!

Jim Thalheimer, Director

Jim Thalheimer is an established television writer, producer, director who works with broadcast and corporate clients from his home in Calgary. His career has spanned 3 decades, 7 continents and many hundreds of television projects. He is an avid reader, loves his family, his work, and a good story, especially if it’s hard to find.

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