WEB EXCLUSIVE: Veteran shares story, and fears he'll be forgotten

Left: Former MP and war veteran Don Cameron is presented with a Diamond Jubilee Medal in October, 2012 (Murray Mitchell/Kamloops Daily News) Right: Cameron remembers his combat tour and his time as a prisoner of war. (Josh Pagé/CBC)
95-year-old Don Cameron's memory hasn't failed him a bit.

The World War Two veteran remembers his time with a tank regiment 70 years ago.

He recalls all of it: from being captured, to the names of the friends he fought beside.

Now he goes through newspapers, marking obituaries for solider, and lobbies to get them headstones.

As more and more of our older veterans die, the chances to hear stories like Don's dwindle.

He fears the war will be forgotten slowly once all the World War Two veterans are gone.

Here's his story, as put together by our Josh Pagé

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As an exclusive bonus for the web, we also have two other stories from Don. First, he describes two of the men who didn't make it back home from combat.

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Don also had the opportunity to meet royalty when he was wounded.

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