Kamloops RCMP look for hit and run driver

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The Kamloops RCMP are on the look out for a hit and run driver. Two young men were walking across a cross walk on 8th street and York Avenue on the north shore. An older male driver turned off York hitting one of the men and then drove away. The vehicle is described as an older black chevrolet half ton truck with newer paint.There are stickers in the back window, and the possible license plate ends with the digits 4-2. The young man sustained minor injuries.
The devil made me do it
At a murder trial in Kamloops a psychiatrist told the court the accused has claimed the devil made him do it. Joshua Isaac Steel has pleaded not guilty to killing his father Phil in September 2011. Prosecution and defence lawyers agree he isn't responsible for the death because of a mental disorder.

B.C. Government defends slash burn
The B.C. government is defending the burning of hundreds of kilometers of trees to make way for the northwest transmission line. The massive slash and burn project has sparked considerable cricism from the public and leaders in the forest industry.

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