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Laura Simms

Posted by Tim Hamming

She is an award winning performer, writer, educator, and advocate.  Laura Simms has worked with children worldwide, using storytelling to heal and inspire.



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Richard Raiswell - Real-Life Vampire Legends

Posted by Bill van Asperen

RichardRaiswellPoliticalColumnist2013.jpgPEI historian, writer and professor Richard Raiswell sets the eerie Halloween scene. Night-time... a graveyard... fog shimmering in the moonlight.  In the 1700s, an investigative team dug up the body of a man suspected of being a vampire.

On this Halloween, historian Richard Raiswell sinks his teeth into real-life vampire legends. We draped the studio in garlic for the arrival of historian Richard Raiswell. A warning: while Richard's tales are bloody good, they are also... bloody.

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Global Chorus - Todd MacLean

Posted by Bill van Asperen

ToddMacLeanIslandMorning.jpgFrom David Suzuki to the Dalai Lama...

Writer Todd MacLean is collecting 365 submissions from people around the world for his anthology on the planet's future called Global Chorus. Todd has been collecting submissions from noted people around the world with their thoughts on taking on social and environmental challenges.

You can follow its progress online at globalchorus.ca where they also have a contributor map.

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