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Montague Youth Centre

Posted by Bill van Asperen

MontagueYouthCentreMeeting.jpgOver the last month we heard how the town of Montague has come out in support of the family and friends of those young boys who died in a Charlottetown fire. Supporters are asking the town for a youth centre in those boys' names... Brandon MacKinnon, Kenneth Irving and Joseph Reeves. The supporters asked the town council for a youth centre. It would be called Just Being Kids or J-B-K... the initials of the three boys lost in the fire.

We talked to one of the boys' mom, Sandra Jenkins, and Llewell Llewelyn, who's grandson was Kenneth Irving... and from the boys' schoolmate, Kyla MacKenzie.

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Angèle Arsenault - Georges Arsenualt

Posted by Bill van Asperen

AngèleArsenault.jpgFrom Village Abram to the stages of the world. Angèle Arsenault spent time in the spotlight, but never forgot her roots. Wherever her music, acting and writing took her, she always found her way back home. Yesterday the member of the Order of canada and Order of PEI died at a hospital in the Laurentian mountains in Quebec. Angèle Arsenault was 70. One of the people who knew her, and her lasting legacy is historian Georges Arsenault, an Acadian historian. He joined us on the phone. Click here to see a Youtube video.
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Meeting Mandela

Posted by Mitch Cormier


Juanita Rossiter is from St Peter's Bay, she now works in Toronto for the provincial archives. In the summer of 2006 she was interning in South Africa at the Nelson Mandela Foundation. She got to meet the man himself several times and even attended his 88th birthday party.

Juanita told Matt Rainnie about meeting Mandela for the first time, and how he made her feel comfortable. 

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