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History of 1864 - Overrated or Celebrated?

Posted by Bill van Asperen

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference that led to Confederation. Commemorative events are using millions of government dollars. But is 1864 worth all the fuss?

We'll hear two different opinions: PEI historian David Weale and UPEI professor Ed MacDonald discuss the fuss over 1864 and whether it should be celebrated.

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Bold Visionaries

Posted by Bill van Asperen

ABoldVisionStudioIM.jpgTwenty three women from across the country are coming to PEI in September to take part in A Bold Vision. They include authors, artists, a rocket scientist, and recipients of the Order of Canada.. to name a few. The aim is to help plot the course of Canada for the next 150 years -- as the Fathers of Conferation did in 1864.

Sara Roach-Lewis is the chair of A Bold Vision and she's with Women's Network PEI. Contemporary artist Becka Viau is the Island's visionary. The conference takes place in Brudenell and Charlottetown from September 24th through the 26th.

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Adding to a worldwide tapestry

Posted by Mitch Cormier


tapestry.jpgIslanders of Scotish descent have been working on five panels for the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry. A tapestry that's being created by settler descendants across the world.

Mary Janette Gallant of the P.E.I. Scottish Settlers Historical Society explains how Islanders can add a stitch or two to help.

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