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Food Labels - Roxanne Laughlin

Posted by Bill van Asperen

Roxanne-Laughlin-IM.jpgHealth Canada is reviewing the nutritional information it requires on food packaging sold in this country. Part of that work includes weighing suggestions coming out of the States. Changes that include increasing our daily fibre and reducing our sodium intake. The US is proposing changing nutrition labels on food. Suggestions include listing added sugars, and updating serving sizes to reflect the amounts people are actually eating.

Laura Chapin ran the ideas by registered dietician Roxanne Laughlin. She runs a private practice and teaches at the University.

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Cost of Eating Healthy

Posted by Mitch Cormier

The cost to feed a family of four in Charlottetown has gone up dramatically since 2005,almost 39%. Jennifer Taylor's study looks at how tough it would be to buy healthy food for a month. Laura Chapin talked to Taylor about her findings.

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