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Fake IDs - Pat Martel

FakeID3cbc.jpgFake IDs - Part 1 - Pat Martel
A recent CBC News investigation explored the world of fake IDs. They're being sold openly, in many big city stores and look real. They're allowed because they contain minor differences from the genuine article. Sometimes those differences are not obvious to the people checking, especially in bars, but the fake IDs will have a harder time getting past officials at Highway Safety. Graham Miner is the province's Registrar of Motor Vehicles. He has a binder-full of PEI fake licenses that were confiscated here on PEI and in jurisdictions across North America.

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FakeID2cbc.jpgFake IDs - Part 2 - Pat Martel
The security features on PEI's drivers licenses that make it difficult for someone to make a Fake ID but that hasn't really stopped underaged teens from finding other ways to get into bars. Pat Martel talks to 2 students who told him if you can't fake an ID, then why not just use the real thing - even if it belongs to someone else?

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FakeID1cbc.jpgFake IDs - Part 3 - Pat Martel
While liquor inspectors can suspend a bar's license -- they DON'T have the authority to hand out fines to minors. Instead, inspectors forward confiscated IDs to the province's Registrar of Motor Vehicles. Before hearing about those penalties, Pat Martel asked Graham Miner for his reaction to the tape of the two students.

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Fake IDs - Part 4 - Pat Martel
A Charlottetown bar owner says he likes the idea of nightclubs sharing their lists of people they've banned. Jamie MacLeod from the PEI Liquor Commission says often teens who are turned away at one bar simply try again at another. John Likely is the co-owner of Peake's Quay which is a popular summertime bar in Charlottetown. Island Morning's Pat Martel asked him about the idea of a shared list of banned patrons.

Fake IDs Part 4.jpg
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