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Problems with Dominion Building Luxury Apartments

Posted by Bill van Asperen

Connie Clark Pat Martel 3.jpgOne of the owners of the Dominion Building in Charlottetown admits the newly-renovated structure has had its problems. But Halifax developer George Ramia says the growing pains are over. Connie Clark and her husband are hoping he's right. The couple sold their home last year and moved into one of the luxury apartments on the 2nd floor. Connie Clark says the problems included everything from an unfinished parking garage, to windows that are hard to open, to laminate floor boards that are separating. Island Morning's Pat Martel looked into this story.

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Mitch's Dashboard Weather Pic

Posted by Nancy Russell

dashboardwx.JPGThis is the highlight of at least one listener's morning!  Every weekday, on his way into the CBC studio, Mitch tweets a photo of the temperature on his dashboard.  We're calling it the Daily Dashboard Weather Pic. You can catch it by following MitchCormierCBC or by checking our live blog at www.cbc.ca/pei


Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Posted by Nancy Russell

Fluorescent Bulbs 3.jpg The federal government is looking at introducing regulations to ban incandescent light-bulbs starting next January. The people behind PEI's Waste Watch program are putting plans in place to get ready. Compact fluorescent bulbs are a lot more energy efficient than incandescent ones, but contain mercury.  Therefore all they require special handling and are dangerous if they're tossed in the trash. Laura Chapin shares some light on the issue.

Here's the link to the P.E.I. government's information sheet about compact fluorescent bulbs.  http://www.gov.pe.ca/photos/original/eef_CFLs.pdf

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