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HST Rebates - Cindy Baird and Wes Sheridan

HST Baird Sheridan.jpgIsland consumers will have to dig a little deeper on April 1st. That's when PEI introduces the Harmonized Sales Tax. The sales tax on some items will go up. But the government says on most things - it will be lower than the current federal and provincial sales taxes we're now paying. But will the HST be good for Island consumers?  That depends on whom you ask!

Cindy Baird is with the group "Islanders Against HST". She's been combing through the new legislation, as well as the HST agreements between Ottawa and PEI. One of her big concerns has to do with rebates. She believes Islanders on low incomes will be short-changed.

We'll also hear reaction from PEI's Finance Minister in just a few moments. But first, Cindy Baird dropped by our studio to talk to Mitch about her concerns.

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