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Political Panel - HST, Holman and EI

PoliPanelHolmanLeg.jpgThe HST arrives in April and the provincial government seems to have done a good job of selling the HST to the business community. The government paid Calgary economist Jack Mintz for a report extolling the benefits of the Harmonized Sales Tax... for businesses. But Mintz wasn't asked to look at the negative impacts of the new tax. Many Island consumers say the new tax will hurt them. During our phone-in yesterday, the vast majority of callers were Islanders against the HST... like Geraldine Murphy from Savage Harbour.

With their thoughts on this issue and others, we're joined by our political panel. Publisher Paul MacNeill and Charlottetown lawyer Mary Lynn Kane joined Matt Rainnie in the studio... and lawyer Nancy Key is in our Summerside studio.

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