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Bus Stop Safety - Mike Cassidy

MikeCassidyTruisBus.jpgLast year, the City of Charlottetown told Trius Transit that it could NOT have a downtown central depot for passengers who were transferring from one bus to another. So the company came up with a new plan. The schedules were re-jigged, so that all the busses arrived at about the same time.... For a few minutes, they're lined up on both sides of Grafton Street in front of Confederation Centre. While the bus transfer area may be efficient, the plan has created a safety issue.

Island Morning's Pat Martel takes the bus from Stratford 2 to 3 times a week and he's noticed that passengers transferring have to jaywalk through traffic to get to their bus. T3 Transit owner Mike Cassidy met up with Pat on the sidewalk to see the problem firsthand.

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