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PNP Ruling - Eastern Graphic Publisher Paul MacNeill

PaulMacNeillPNPRuling3.jpgThe CBC has won its court case to access the  names of companies that got Provincial Nominee Program money on PEI. In 2010 Privacy Commissioner Judy Haldeman ruled against a CBC Freedom of Information request to make the names public. Haldeman said making the names public could financially hurt some of the 14 hundred businesses. But in a Supreme Court decision released Friday, Justice Wayne Cheverie ruled there was no evidence releasing the names to the CBC would cause  "any harm, let alone significant harm" to the companies involved. However, Cheverie ruled that the "amount" each company received should not be released. Eastern Graphic publisher Paul MacNeill is close to this story. He never hid the fact that his company received PNP money. In fact, he made a submission to the Privacy Commissioner in 2010 to say his business DIDN'T suffer after publicly mentioning his PNP units. With his reaction to the ruling, we're joined on the line by Paul MacNeill.

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