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Sacred Fire - Shirley Gallant & Sergeant Andrew Blackadar

SacredFire2.jpgThe opponents of Plan B want to set the record straight about what happened with the sacred fire on October 12th. For the first time, the woman who witnessed the incident is speaking out. She says the media was wrong to report that the RCMP did not touch the sacred fire. And now the RCMP is confirming her story - that an officer removed one of the logs from the sacred fire, but put it back right away. The protesters say the mis-information has hurt the credibility of the group. We'll hear from Sergeant Andrew Blackadar in just a moment. But first here is the witness who was there during the incident. Shirley Gallant from Pleasant Grove is a professional photographer... she was not one of the campers, but a visitor. She spoke with Island Morning's Pat Martel. (Photo - Shirley Gallant)

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