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The Holey Dollars and Dumps - Chris Faulkner

HoleyDollarsChrisFaulkner2.jpgGovernments are always trying to come up with ways to make money. In 1813, before PEI joined Confederation, the Government of the day decided it wanted its own coins. But rather than mint them, the government took the plentiful Spanish silver dollars, punched a hole through them and made two coins. It was called the PEI Holey Dollar. Chris Faulkner from Ottawa's Carleton University has spent 20 years researching Canada's most exotic Colonial-era coin. He's written a book called "The Holey Dollars and Dumps" that celebrates the Holey Dollar. Island Morning's Pat Martel reached the author & coin collector. Chris began by talking about how the government turned Spanish American dollars into Holey dollars.

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