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The City and the Concert - The Mayor and Councillors

Posted by Bill van Asperen

ElliottSummersideConcert2.jpgBrendan Elliott investigates the summer caucus meeting of July 2009, where the ball really got rolling on the Summerside concert - that never happened. Brendan talked with several people who were there that day, including Mayor Basil Stewart. Brendan also talked with then - Councillors Garth Lyle and Brent Gallant. They were the two councillors who voted against the concert at that meeting.

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The City and the Concert - Part One

Posted by Nancy Russell

ElliottSummersideConcert1.jpgIn part one of our series "The City and the Concert", reporter Brendan Elliott has new details on what went wrong with the failed Michael Jackson Tribute concert in Summerside. We'll go back stage to hear from many of the people who played a role in the loss of 1.3-million dollars of taxpayers money. 

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Pets and People - Parasites

Posted by Nancy Russell

martihopson web.jpgHere at Island Morning we're starting a monthly feature called "Pets and People". Many Islanders are pretty protective of their pets...often they just become one of the family. So, that's why it's best to make sure these furry loved ones are in the best of health...and to know the signs if they're sick.  Dr. Marti Hopson is vice-president of the PEI Veterinary Medical Association. She joined Matt in the studio to talk about parasites. And just a caution to our listeners, there are parts of this interview that may be hard on those with weak stomachs.

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Thanks to the members of the Companion Animal Welfare Initiative on P-E-I for their help with our new series "Pets and People". The group is made up of folks from different PEI organizations including the PEI Humane Society, the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre and the Department of Agriculture.

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