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A Gap in Dental Coverage

dental kid.jpgThe provincial government covers the cost of fillings for kids, but not the anesthetic gas that is sometimes needed. Pat Martel talks to a Montague woman on social assistance who says she can't afford the $200 bill to get her daughter's teeth fixed under anesthetic.

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No one from the province wanted to go on tape.  But we did receive an email from Kathy Jones, who is the director of Public Health Programs for Health P-E-I. She writes: "Currently the use of nitrous oxide is not covered for general dental care under the Children's Dental Care Program. While in the past we did not receive many requests for nitrous for general dental procedures, we are now experiencing an increase in inquiries and are looking into the issue as a result. "

We'd lilke to hear your thoughts on this story.  Should the province dental plan for children cover the cost of the anesthetic gas? Send us an email at islandmorning@cbc.ca

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