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Penpal Puzzle

kathybirt.jpgIn today's digital world, letter writing is a lost art. But there was a time when childhood pen pals were all the rage. Islander Kathy Birt was one kid who LOVED writing letters to her pen pals. All thirteen of them. Then one day, Kathy's pen pal Ruth stopped writing...leaving Kathy to wonder why for years.

In just a moment, we'll hear what happened as we tried to re-unite them by phone for the first time since they lost touch 45 years ago. But first, let's find out more about Kathy Birt's penpal puzzle.

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We tried a few times that day, but never got through. However, Kathy went home that day and was able to call Ruth.

A few days later, Kathy dropped by the studio again, and this time we were able to connect the former penpals.

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