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Celebrating Winter on Islander Day

globalmontesorri web.jpgMonday on Island Morning, we're celebrating Islander Day...with a celebration of winter. We want to hear your stories about what you ENJOY about winter on Prince Edward Island. Do you have a favourite winter spot that you like to visit on P-E-I?

The first ten people to share their stories will receive one of our new Island Morning insulated coffee mugs...they are perfect for a cup of hot chocolate after your favourite winter activity! Give Talkback a call at 1-800-680-1898 or drop us an email to islandmorning@cbc.ca

Here are some of our entries so far.  You can all pick up an Island Morning coffee mug at our front desk at 430 University Avenue in Charlottetown.

Kim Bradshaw Ellsworth writes: Winter activities at Global Montessori involve winter picnics along the boardwalk. The children enjoy having their lunch in the tower over looking the waterfront. There is something to be said about being able to wear your mittens while eating your lunch. It makes for a more interesting outdoor picnic. Who said picnics can't be enjoyed all year long. That's what we do on beautiful and sunny winter days at Global Montessori School. Bon appetite!

Barbara Trainor - President Island Trails Inc writes:

I am an avid"winterist" who loves to downhill and XC ski and snowshoe. Over the past few years Island Trails has developed and maintains 7 hiking trails throughout P.E.I. These trails are a fabulous way to explore our incrediable landscape in winter!

Groups leave Charlottetown every Wednesday and Saturday morning year round to hike and snowshoe. In addition, over the next few weeks, Island Trails and GO PEI are partnering to offer introductory sessions on snowshoeing every Tuesday morning.
Please check out our new website islandtrails.ca for details!


From Sue King: For Christmas a year ago I received a pair of snowshoes. I love to head out for a walk out at Rodds Mill River. It is just breathtaking especially after freshly fallen snow.

Shelley Cole-Arbing writes: Had to get in on this one...two things I love are hot coffee ( new cbc travel mug), and outdoor winter fun. Tops among the outdoor winter fun would be snowshoeing with our 10yr old daughter, Abby and our 8 yr old Yellow Lab, Paddy

My favourite winter activity used to be skating. I've even skated across the Hillsborough River to Rocky Point,but now that I'm in my eighties my outside activities all center around remaining vertical with all the snow & ice. I'm never bored. I have all kinds of interests,the latest being sifting through 42 pages of downloaded instructions for my new KOBO e-reader.
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Phyllis MacDonald - Stratford
Amber Phillips writes on Facebook: One of my favorite Island winter activities is photographing our beautiful winter landscapes. An island morning travel mug would sure help in catching those early morning sunrises. : )
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