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Covering the Royal Visit...on bicycle!

Posted by Nancy Russell

Yes, this is how unique our coverage of the Royal Visit will be here on Prince Edward Island! We are sending two of our journalists into the event at Dalvay...by bicycle.  Because we have so much to cover, in such a short period of time, it was the only way we could get reporters Pat Martel and Julia Cook in and out of the event.  Kudos to Pat -- and our friends at MacQueen's Bike Shop for making it work!!



Brushes with Royalty

Posted by Nancy Russell

We've been asking you for your stories of "brushes with royalty".  You can call Talkback at 1-800-680-1898 and share your story for a chance to win a COWS Tshirt featuring Will and Kate.

 And we have a story of a "brush with royalty" as well!

These photos are from a book called "Charles and Diana Visit Canada", published by Collins, filled with pictures from the Royal Visit of 1983.

See if you can spot a young Pat Martel having his "brush with royalty"!  And perhaps you will recognize some of the other Prince Edward Islanders in these photos.

























Dutch Thompson and the Pictou Prince

Posted by Nancy Russell

There is lots of excitement about the Royal Visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Even Dutch Thompson is getting in on the action.

He dropped by the studio to tell Matt the story about a Maritime man with connections to the Royal Family....whether you believe his story or not!


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Here are some of the folks whose voices you hear in Dutch's story.

wEB hAYMAN.JPGWeb Hayman













Flo TurnerFlo Turner.jpg













Raymond Patton.JPGRaymond Patton