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The Blank Ballot Movement

Posted by Nancy Russell

A politician in Nova Scotia has started a campaign urging Canadians to "Reject the Election". Jonathan Dean is leader of the Atlantica party. He wants Canadian voters to go to the polls -- but then leave their ballot blank.

Reject%20Ballot.jpgIn the 2008 election, there were more than 94 thousand rejected ballots. Jonathan Dean is hoping for twice as many BLANK ballots this time around. Or mark more than one box, so the ballot is rejected.

Click here to hear Matt's conversation with Jonathan Dean.



A Place to Play Music for all Ages

Posted by Nancy Russell

It's been a long time coming. Charlottetown finally has a rehearsal and performance space for musicians of all ages.  It's called the Refinery. And it came about in a very unusual way. 

reno2.jpgMatt took a drive out to West Royalty -- near the Long & McQuade building -- to meet the man behind the new venue, 24-year-old Todd Stanley.  Hear that interview here!

Happy Birthday David Suzuki!

Posted by Nancy Russell

Celebrating David Suzuki's birthday. Two P-E-I schools were part of a cross-Canada virtual celebration of the famous environmentalist...who just turned 75.


Click here to listen to Matt and Mitch talking about the Island schools who took part in the David Suzuki Virtual Birthday Party.


We've been playing tunes from the new Playlist for the Planet.