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A Mission to Mars

Posted by Mitch Cormier

trishwoodford.jpgThe Mars One Mission is a serious effort to establish a human colony on the Red Planet beginning in just over a decade.

Hundreds of thousands of people put their names forward hoping to secure a one-way ticket to space.

Trish Woodford is one of 1,000 to make the next cut.

Trish is a 29 year-old Charlottetown Rural grad now working as a prosecutor for the City of Toronto.

She talked to Matt about her dream to live on a planet far, far away.

And what her family said when she told them about wanting to take the one way trip.




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Equine Therapy

Posted by Mitch Cormier

Amanda Champion is an equine specialist who has been trained in using miniature horses in a theapy program. In this case it means just being around the horse, not riding it. Lindsay Carroll went out to her Bonshaw farm to get a first hand lesson on how the therapy works.

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