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Sunflowers for Kenyan Classrooms

Posted by Nancy Russell

nancy sunflowers.jpg
The sunflower is often seen as a symbol of strength and hope.  It's perfectly suited to be part of the fundraising effort Callum's Classroom... to build classrooms for students in Kenya. The campaign is named for Callum Russell MacLean  who passed away in April of 2013 at the age of 15, after battling cancer.  His Mom, Nancy Russell, is a friend and colleague of ours here at the CBC.  Matt met with Nancy in early September at Wood's Farms in Tea Hill to find out more about Callum's classroom.
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You can read more about Callum's Classroom by visiting www.callumsclassroom.wordpress.com

Tiger in Peru - Fundraising Project

Posted by Bill van Asperen

NemerTigerMelhem.jpgTo many Island school children he's known as "Tiger the Bus Driver" because he has a school bus route in Charlottetown. To many young people in Peru... he's known for his charity efforts. Nemer "Tiger" Melhem has already made one trip to Peru with donations in hand.

He's heading back along with his daughter and a friend to deliver these donated items in June.

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Canada World Youth

Posted by Mitch Cormier

This year's Canada World Youth exchange on PEI has just wrapped up. Nine people from Indonesia who have been volunteering the last few months on the Island are going home while nine young Canadians are leaving.

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