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Billy Bridges - Paralympian

Posted by Tim Hamming


This weekend, Summerside's Billy Bridges took home bronze with the rest of his sledge hockey team... And he says he's proud of his hometown's support.

As we've reported, PEI's Billy Bridges was part of the sledge hockey team that won bronze in the paraolympics. The team beat Norway three nothing to clinch the medal. Mitch Cormier chatted with Billy before the medal ceremony.

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Brett Robinson, Easter Seals Ambassador 2014

Posted by Tim Hamming

Although he uses a wheelchair, and can't speak, it hasn't stopped Brett Robinson from speaking out.  Sara Fraser introduces us to this year's Easter Seals Ambassador. 

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A Mission to Mars

Posted by Mitch Cormier

trishwoodford.jpgThe Mars One Mission is a serious effort to establish a human colony on the Red Planet beginning in just over a decade.

Hundreds of thousands of people put their names forward hoping to secure a one-way ticket to space.

Trish Woodford is one of 1,000 to make the next cut.

Trish is a 29 year-old Charlottetown Rural grad now working as a prosecutor for the City of Toronto.

She talked to Matt about her dream to live on a planet far, far away.

And what her family said when she told them about wanting to take the one way trip.




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