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Can raising the legal drinking age save lives?

Posted by Bill van Asperen

In the U.S...the legal drinking age is 21. Here in Canada, it's a little younger - 18 or 19, depending on the province. Russ Callaghan is an associate professor at the University of Northern BC, says he wants to change that. 

He just published a study in the journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence. In that report, he suggests every province, including PEI, raise the drinking age to 21. And with good reason -- he says it would save the lives of 32 young men each year from alcohol-related deaths. Laura Chapin spoke to Russ Callaghan about his study.
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Black Islanders and P.E.I. 2014

Posted by Mitch Cormier

People living in "the Bog" were not invited to the Charlottetown Conference, and now 150 years later, a plan for a memorial to the Bog has been turned down by the 2014 committee.

Matt talked with the author of Black Islanders, Jim Hornby, and from Penny Walsh McGuire, Executive Director of PEI 2014.

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