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Music Monday - Special Performance

Posted by Bill van Asperen

Communities from across Canada will join together on "Music Monday" to sing the same song at the same time. It's an effort to promote music education. A special performance is taking place in Charlottetown this afternoon at Trinity United Church. It features a four-hundred voice children's choir representing nine schools, the Montague Senior High School Choir, and the Montague Intermediate School Band. Parts of the performances from each province will  be live-streamed on the web.

This morning 11 students from Stratford Elementary who are in the choir, and we also have Choir director Kelsea MacLean, and one of the event co-ordinators Don Quarles.
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Laura Simms

Posted by Tim Hamming

She is an award winning performer, writer, educator, and advocate.  Laura Simms has worked with children worldwide, using storytelling to heal and inspire.



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Adding to a worldwide tapestry

Posted by Mitch Cormier


tapestry.jpgIslanders of Scotish descent have been working on five panels for the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry. A tapestry that's being created by settler descendants across the world.

Mary Janette Gallant of the P.E.I. Scottish Settlers Historical Society explains how Islanders can add a stitch or two to help.

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